I’m almost embarrassed to be writing about a TV show, but I am hooked on Game of Thrones and consider it to be a remarkable piece of storytelling in an almost mythic sense. The TV show became much more than the novels through some very strange congruences of people and money and timing. The show itself reflected it’s structure, coming together at a time of tumult and confusion in the public body concerning leadership, religion, fate and a rapidly changing physical reality.

I wander. While I have absolutely no idea what will happen next week, I’m having a lot of fun working through some alternate scenarios that could happen, however unlikely.  At least they could if I were writing the show. My favorite is that all the power mad rulers, wannabe rulers, minions and sycophants manage to weaken themselves enough that the long suffering serfs rise up and slaughter them all, declare a nonarchy and agree to go home, raise vegetables, animals, and children and never, ever follow blood mad idiots again. I’d like that world.

My next favorite would be the missing fire god to pop out of nowhere and toast every man, woman and child on the planet for no reason other than it’s an irritable sort of fellow having a bad day. It moves on, leaving the planet cleansed of erstwhile intelligence.

Less imaginary (within the bounds of the show’s structure), there are only a few possibilities: Dany takes over with her soldiers and the cycle starts over with a new mad Targaryan on the throne — let’s hear it for gender equality, and a diminished, presumably non-propagating dragon in reserve which will probably  eat every ruminant in the kingdom over the coming years.

The kind hearted diminutive Lannister could take over after the young Arya Stark knocks off Dany and her leaderless minions melt away into the ocean from whence they arrived. Or maybe Tyrion does Dany in and Arya takes over. Yawn. No way no how is any sympathetic character gonna win in this game.

My money is on — something most of us won’t see coming, something that doesn’t quite finish off the show, with the makings of a sequel buried in it. I’m a certified cynic when it comes to big money making enterprises being willfully abandoned. If not a sequel, certainly a remake. Or half a dozen storyline spinoffs, or some sitcoms and cartoons … even so, these folks have made “different” pretty amazing.

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