A few of the many recordings I’ve been lucky enough to make over the years, many solo, but many with friends and musicians from throughout the Bay Area. It’s been a great journey, musically, since I arrived here in 1972 and remembered I like to play music. I bought a Martin 00-18 G first, because I couldn’t haul a piano around, but eventually reverted to my first love, piano — realized through a variety of electronic keyboards and synthesizers, stray uprights and a Helpinstil.

Canyon Reel

Canyon Reel, 2007, Jay Gamel, Korg Trinity Pro

September Nocturne

Summer Day

Summer Day, 2008, Jay Gamel, Korg Trinity Pro

Grand Piano and iPad

Grand Piano and iPad, 2016, Kurzweilau

Jay’s Blues

Jay’s blues, 2019, Korg Trinity Pro, Logic Pro bass

Janet’s Muse

Janet’s Muse, Kurzweil, piano

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