Seventy-five tomorrow

Hmm, don’t know where that came from for a working title. This is just a diary of a long, hot day, but somewhat positive in that I refocused my blurry mind and aching tired body toward eating well and exercising from the getgo this morning and experienced a remarkable turn around in how I feel nearly 11 p.m. this evening. I have been feeling awful for weeks now, with very high blood sugar postings in the 200 and 300s and higher. Yet continuing to eat bad food, lots of breads, pasta, rice, sweets, cookies, biscotti, you name it. I have always tended to indulge myself with little provocation — a full moon, my birthday month, week, day, special year, holidays, whatever small hook to place a holiday from wisdom or even sensibility.

I have been feeling awful and the reason is simple. My blood sugar is out of control because my diet has been crap. Eating well for three meals today, starting with a two hour nap after breakfast of a banana, V8 can and a hard boiled egg, with insulin, and later a solid veggie salad lunch at Kaiser, with insulin, and followed up by driving to Sonoma — no tiredness, no nodding off. Amazing

Also took a timed 20-minute walk up the canyon before breakfast. 10 minutes got me to the General.e

BS at 85 before heading to Roses for shamefully good birthday dinner: lamb bbq, ratatoulle, garden tomatoes, artichoke with sauce — all fresh, mostly Rose’s garden, followed by Beverly’s special crushed pineapple upside down cake (two good size servings and the rest safely (so far) shut in the car outside.

Bought $120 of good food at Olivers — no bread, lotsa veggies.

OK — 11:01, test and shoot … 218 from the cake and cup of coffee I had an hour ago with cream and sugar. Taking 40 units nighttime insulin. bet BS is fine in the morning.